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Make Your Salesforce Community Stickier with Fave&Follow

You’ve spent a lot of energy, time and money building out your Salesforce Community. As part of that Community, you’ve worked hard to develop content for your members such as Knowledge Articles, Marketing Collateral, or even static pages that contain important information about your company or Community. Unfortunately, this isn’t Field of Dreams – just because you made this, no matter how hard you worked, it doesn’t ensure adoption from your members. We’ve implemented nearly 100 Communities / Portals in Salesforce over the years, and have seen this issue time after time. Great content is an awesome start to adoption, but sometimes you need a little more help to organize that content. That’s where Fave&Follow comes in.

Fave&Follow was built with a simple task in mind – help your Community members organize your content. The first way Fave&Follow does this is by introducing the Favorites concept to your community. Favorites work just like your browser does – allowing your members to save any page within your Community to their Favorites list. Members can have as many Favorites as they’d like and can search and manage these Favorites from within the Community. In addition to Favorites, Fave&Follow allows members to subscribe to Knowledge content. When a Knowledge Article is subscribed to by a member, they will receive an automatic email whenever that Article is updated. For Self Service Communities this is a key way to push updates to your Members. Have a critical alert Article that impacts multiple customers? When that Article is updated with the most recent status of the issue, anyone subscribing to it will automatically receive that update.

Fave&Follow Dropdown

Fave&Follow Manage Favorites

For Community Administrators, Fave&Follow provides a new metric to evaluate the importance of the Community’s content. All of the Favorites and Subscriptions are saved within objects in Salesforce and can be reported on using standard reports and dashboards. Fave&Follow includes a pre-built Dashboard to highlight the most commonly favorited or subscribed to content, but you can slice and dice this data as needed. Being all custom objects, you can even pre-load Favorites to your member’s profiles with an easy data load (if your Community is part of a project replacing an existing Portal and your old platform had Favorites, these can also be migrated!).

Fave&Follow Dashboard

Finally, Fave&Follow is extremely simple to implement. It’s built entirely on Lightning (a Visualforce version will be coming in v2.0) so it can be branded to match your Communities design. Community Administrators simply need to install the package, drop the Lightning component into the navigation bar and then add the branding. From there members will immediately have access to save their favorite content. Pricing is based on whether you have Named Users or Logins and is based on the total users across all Communities – so for one price, you can add this to multiple Communities.

Fave&Follow is now live on the AppExchange, but always feel free to Contact Us to get a demo and learn more.

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