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GearsDataMask 2.2 is out: Protect your Salesforce from inadvertent PII

In our introduction to GearsDataMask, we spoke about how inadvertent PII / PID is a real problem for Service organizations. You can have processes in place for your agents to ensure that credit card numbers, social security numbers and other PII are stored in a secure way – if at all – but you can’t prevent customers from just sending them in through the various Service channels like email and chat. We created GearsDataMask to address this by looking for these patterns across all of Salesforce’s Service Cloud objects and then overriding them. This ensure that sensitive data is never stored in Salesforce and that you are not vulnerable to having exposed credit cards and PII in your Salesforce. We’ve added some exciting customers since launching GearsDataMask, especially in the retail section. Based on their feedback we’re excited to launch GearsDataMask 2.2 with three great new features.

      • “Look Back” Matching – This feature was a result of several customers asking for a way to reduce false positive matching. Unfortunately sometime legitimate patterns – like an order or tracking number – could entirely match or partially match a pattern you are trying to remove – like a social security number. With the Look Back feature, when we detect a pattern match, we can now look at the surrounding data around that match. For example, we can look for a string that says “Tracking Number:” and if that is ahead of the pattern we found, we know this shouldn’t be obfuscated. We can look before or after the pattern match for additional clues to help us enhance the matching algorithm. This is a terrific way to reduce false positive matching and really increase the quality of the pattern recognition.


    • Partial Masking – We have had multiple customers ask for this feature. Say you don’t want to blow away the entire Social Security or Credit Card number and you want to leave a small portion of the text behind to make it easier to search? For a credit card a common use case is to just have the last four numbers remaining so that you can still do some level of verification. Previously, GearsDataMask would obfuscate the entire pattern, but now you can control how much of the pattern is obfuscated and how much remains. This can be set by pattern so it’s flexible for different types of credit cards or patterns.
      partial credit card masking in Salesforce

      Partial Credit Card Masking in Salesforce

    • Einstein Bot Support – Einstein Bots came out in Summer 18 and there is already a ton of buzz about them (we did a blog post and a webinar detailing how these work if you’re interested). Just because your customer is speaking to a bot, doesn’t mean they won’t try to put in a credit card number when asking for a return. Today Einstein Bots only work within Live Agent and we’ve updated GearsDataMask to ensure that anything the bot collects will also be protected. Feel confident to unleash your bot army without worrying about them collecting inadvertent PII.

    GearsDataMask 2.2 is live and on the AppExchange. We’re already working on 2.5 based on some more customer feedback and will post about that soon. In the meantime if you have any questions, or would like a trial / demo, please use our Contact Us and someone will get back to you shortly. GearsDataMask is also available to trial directly from the AppExchange.

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