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Fave and Follow 2.0 Major Release

We’re excited to announce a pretty major release of the Favorites & Subscriptions App for Lightning Communities.  This time we are rolling out enhancements that deliver popular features requested by customers and throughout the success community and idea exchange that support a wide range of new use cases.  

Enable Favorites for Unauthenticated Public Community Visitors 

Using only the visitor’s Email address, now allow an unauthenticated visitor to your Community has the ability to store favorites and recollect them next time, all without logging in or requiring a Community license.  This is a great feature for Public Help Centers that expose Public Knowledge Articles and CMS Content that is public. Visitors can store favorites and simply visit the site again at a late time. If their browser stores their email and they haven’t cleared their cookies, Favorites are immediately recollected for quick access.

Register an email to store favorites. Returning visitor? Just type in your email to access favorites from the previous visit.

Preload Automated Favorites and Article Subscriptions

Onboarding a new Community User has never been easier with Preloaded Favorites and Article Subscription assignments.  Each time a new Community User is created, or assigned as a member of your Community where Fave&Follow is installed, now you can define a list of Favorites, Knowledge Articles, and Subscriptions to drive traffic to your top content with a tailored list of favorites immediately welcoming a new User to your Community. 

Better Reporting

Do you have more than one community?  If you want to track who has Favorites or Subscriptions across multiple Communities, now the records from Fave and Follow activity include the Community Network ID to easily segment between one another.

Favorites Component with Community Builder Enhancements

Add more customization to the Favorites Star component in the community builder and use custom label text to drive Users to the Favorites functionality.  You can also add custom messaging for the unauthenticated Users Favorites Modal.

Report on Favorites by Community, segment between automatic preloaded content, subscription activity, and track guest visitor favorites.

Are you already using Fave&Follow?  All you need to do is download the latest version of the package from the AppExchange and follow the updated User Guide to add these to your Community today! If you have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out

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