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Out of the Box Tools Give You Options

Salesforce provides System Administrators with powerful out of the box tools to help manage their User base. Public Groups make it easy to build a flexible sharing model. Leveraging Chatter Groups allow targeted communication and collaboration among key groups of Users.

Another popular feature Salesforce rolled out is the Permission Set, designed to reduce the need for Admins to support an unmanageable number of unique Profiles and instead manage a small, core set of Profiles.

Once the core Profiles are built out, Permission Sets are assigned to individual Users as necessary to accommodate any exceptions to the basic Profile permissions.

But these tools also come with increased administrative burden. Busy Admins have to provision new Users with access to the correct Public and Chatter Groups, and with the right configuration of Permission Sets – and also ensure all the appropriate changes are made if a User changes Profiles.

For Admins managing a public Community, the stakes are even higher. A Community User who isn’t in the correct Public Groups can have serious security implications.

Streamlined User Management

BREeze allows you to build out Rules Sets to automate the most time consuming aspects of User Management. Your Rules Sets will include all the criteria to determine whether a User needs to be added – or removed – from Public and Chatter Groups as well as whether any Permission Sets need to be assigned or removed.

Similar to setting up Lead Assignment Rules, an Administrator can build out logic in an easy to use interface. However, unlike Assignment Rules, records are not limited to being evaluated only on insert.

Each time a User is modified, BREeze will run the record through the Rules Set and automatically adjust the User’s Chatter and Public Group Membership and Permission Set assignments.

Once your rules are established, BREeze streamlines many common User Management scenarios. Do you have a User changing positions and moving from Sales to Operations? BREeze automatically removes the User from the Sales Chatter Group and adds them to the Operations Chatter Group and assigns an Operations Permission Set.

Worried about Partners who change tiers and downgrade from Gold to Silver? If an Account is downgraded, BREeze instantly finds all Partner Users provisioned at that Account and removes them from the “Gold Partners” Public Group and adds them to the “Silver Partners” Public Group.

Contact us to learn more about how BREeze can help improve and streamline User Management for your organization.

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