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A Quick and Easy Organizational Tool

Topics are a highly under-utilized feature of Salesforce. With the ability to associate records, reports and dashboards with key words or phrases, Topics allow you to organize your instance around themes or strategic initiatives.

Looking for an easy way to identify Fortune 500 Accounts without adding yet another custom field? Simply use a Topic. Need a way to flag Opportunities with a key product configuration? Topics are quick and easy to use.

Though Salesforce automatically suggests Topics for key Objects like Chatter Posts or Knowledge Articles, Users must still manually apply Topics to their records. The need for manual intervention contributes to lack of adoption, and results in inconsistent Topic usage across many orgs.

Expanding Functionality for Your Users

With BREeze you can improve your Users’ Salesforce experience by automatically applying Topics to records. Quickly build out Rules Sets with the logic necessary to associate Topics based on your team’s needs with BREeze’s simple, configuration-based interface.

By clicking through to the Topic detail page, Users can see all records, reports or dashboards associated with a Topic in one central view. As an added bonus, Topics can also be used as a filter in List Views.

Keeping your logic current is simple with BREeze. System Administrators can quickly modify existing Rules Sets to ensure Topics are applied to records consistently and with the most up-to-date logic.

To learn more about how BREeze can help you take advantage of critical productivity features such as Topics, contact us today.

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