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Add New Dimensions and Value with Custom Objects

Salesforce comes with lots of great functionality right out of the box. Standard Objects are a good example, with essential configuration such as Accounts and Contacts all set up and ready to go on Day One.

Another key feature of Salesforce, Custom Objects, gives organizations the ability to extend Salesforce’s standard functionality and build out an instance that supports the unique needs of their business.

Both Standard and Custom Objects do come with limitations, however, and one common frustration is limited assignment capabilities. Beyond the native assignment rules for Leads and Cases, you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to routing any other records.

If the business rules for determining ownership are relatively simple, then Process Builder is a good option for creating an assignment process. But often times, the logic isn’t straightforward. You’re tasked with accommodating multiple potential scenarios, each with different variables to consider.

Building this level of complexity into Process Builder is tricky at best. And managing the ever-changing rules and assignment logic would make upkeep both difficult and time consuming.

An Easy Way to Streamline Management of Records

With BREeze, any System Administrator can execute on even the most complex business requirements – without involving developers or IT. Quickly and easily build out assignment logic with BREeze Rules Sets and automatically route records to meet your company’s unique needs.

Some of the many dynamic use cases BREeze can handle include:

  • Complicated logic to assign records based on multiple product offerings and subject matter expertise
  • Assign records based on data points not directly related to the record being evaluated, such as Partner Account tier or Parent Account ownership
  • Re-route records based on new information or time-based attributes

BREeze makes upkeep simple, too. Configuration-based rules help System Admins to expedite change requests stemming from territory realignments or employee turnover.

Contact us to learn more about how BREeze can help you streamline complex processes and meet the ever-changing demands of your organization’s business needs. You’ll be glad you did.

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