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Complex Assignment Made Simple

Workflow Rules and Process Builder are two powerful tools that allow System Administrators to extend Salesforce and solve the business challenges unique to their organization.

Salesforce has evolved into a true platform and has become a key corporate tool for many companies. As organizations increase their dependence on Salesforce, Administrators are frequently pushing the limits of both Workflow and Process Builder.

What happens when you have an important object with many complex scenarios and potential outcomes? This often results in a tangled web of Process Builders that are difficult to manage. Or, a multitude of workflow rules that can quickly add up and cause you to hit your workflow limits.

Many System Administrators turn to custom development to overcome such challenges. However limited resources, timely development cycles and a dependence on developers to implement any changes means custom code is not a perfect solution either.

Assign Any Object, Any Field, Any Time

In short, this is where BREeze excels. Consolidate multiple workflows and process builders to build your business’ complex logic in a single, streamlined Rules Set that is easy to manage.

As an administrator, BREeze allows you to assign any fields on any objects at any time – and without the involvement of IT or developers.

BREeze leverages Rules Sets, similar to Lead Assignment Rules, to house all your business logic in one simple configuration-based interface. With the ability to configure your logic to stop at the first match or to evaluate all the rules in a given Rules Set, BREeze provides you with the necessary flexibility to meet the most complex business requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how BREeze can help you streamline logic and automate the flow of data across your organization to build a Salesforce instance that is tailored to your business needs.

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