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Audit your Service Cloud for PII / PID with GearsDataMask 2.0

In our introduction to GearsDataMask, we spoke about how inadvertent PII / PID is a real problem for Service organizations. You can have processes in place for your agents to ensure that credit card numbers and social security numbers are stored in a secure way – if at all – but you can’t prevent customers from just sending them in through the various Service channels like email and chat. We created GearsDataMask to address this by looking for these patterns across all of Salesforce’s Service Cloud objects and then overriding them so this sensitive data is never stored in Salesforce. Based on some terrific customer feedback we already have GearsDataMask 2.0 coming with two terrific new features.

    • Auditing – As soon as our customers implemented GearsDataMask and started protecting their Cases going forward, the next question we were hit with was “What about our existing Cases?” It’s a great question, and with 2.0, we now have an answer – Auditing. With this new feature, you are able to run GearsDataMask against up to 5 objects at a time. We support any object – standard or custom – as long as it is an editable object. You select which fields to review (has to be a text field) and then run the audit. GearsDataMask will shoot you an email once its done processing and has analyzed every record on the object you selected. From there you can review your audit. GearsDataMask will create a record for each match we find and we will look for all patterns that you have in your GearsDataMask setup – including custom patterns you have added yourself. This will allow you to run a standard Salesforce report to review the results. GearsDataMask will link the match to the record we found the match on and also tell you which pattern it found. From there, you can do a bulk Mask and run GearsDataMask against the results set. Any matched record will be processes and we will obfuscate those patterns as if the record was just being created. Please remember, that if you had history tracking on for a field, that PII / PID will still be in the record history and we can’t modify that.We realize the ability to find out if you have a problem to begin with is incredibly valuable, which is why soon after 2.0 is live, we will be releasing Audit into our free trial as well. With the free trial, you’ll be able to run and report on the audit, but not do a bulk mask to obfuscate the data.

      Audit Report of Pattern Matches

      Field Selector for Audits


  • LiveMessage Support – LiveMessage is the hottest new channel in Service Cloud. We spoke about how powerful adding Messaging to your channel mix is and even had a webinar showing it off and it has picked up steam as Messaging is becoming more and more critical for support organizations. Messaging is not immune to inadvertent PII. A customer who will email you a credit card number, is just as likely to text it to you or send it over Facebook Messenger. Due to that, we have expanded GearsDataMask to also support all of the LiveMessage objects. GearsDataMask will now look for patterns across the LiveMessage Session. ITR Message, SMS Message, SMS Schedule and SMS Text objects. If a pattern you are looking to mask was entered into a conversation, we will mask it so it won’t be saved in any of the LiveMessage standard objects. As with all of GearsDataMask, this includes any custom patterns you have added yourself, as well as the pre-loaded credit card and social security patterns.

We’re very excited about 2.0 and expect it to be ready on the AppExchange shortly. We’re already working on 2.5 based on some more customer feedback and will post about that soon. In the meantime if you have any questions, or would like a trial / demo, please use our Contact Us and someone will get back to you shortly. It’s also available to trial on the AppExchange.

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