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Giving You Better Options

We know first-hand the challenges you face as a Salesforce administrator. Your implementation has to meet your organization’s unique requirements. It also needs to stay tightly aligned with Sales and other operations.

But your instance also must be able to turn on a dime when business conditions shift or your company’s needs change.

Sometimes, the changes you need to make go beyond what you’re able to do with Salesforce’s feature set. Your choices are either a risky and time-consuming customization project, or to just say ‘no’ and take the heat.

We give you better options. GearsDesign solutions make it easy for you to extend and customize Salesforce’s capabilities to achieve all your CRM goals.

With a GearsDesign solution, any time you’re confronted with a tough request, you’ll be able to say with confidence, “I can make Salesforce do that.”

Expand Salesforce’s Capabilities

The BREeze Platform is a business rules engine offering admins simple, powerful ways to extend Salesforce’s native functionality to solve their toughest challenges without custom development.  With BREeze you can capture complex business logic and create automated processes that are perfectly aligned to your organization’s unique needs.

Alleviate Compliance Concerns Simply and Effectively

Busy system administrators have enough to worry about – keeping your customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) safe shouldn’t be keeping you up at night. GearsDataMask simplifies compliance by auditing and updating existing data in your Salesforce instance, as well as monitoring incoming data and automatically masking sensitive information.

Keep Users Returning to your Salesforce Community

Often, the first visit to a new Community is easy, but subsequent visits are harder to earn. Drive adoption by improving Community User experience with the ability to favorite key records for easy acces and follow important knowledge articles to receive automatic update alerts.

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